In a bid to make a niche in the world of pharmaceuticals, a visionary young man set out to provide high-end quality care to the people all over who are in constant dire need. To make a difference in a most significant way this young personality conspicuously focused on neurology and psychiatry.

However, it all commenced when this enthusiastic man came across one of the most profound quotes of the Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso: “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Acting upon this quote's clear implication, he laid to Sigmund ProMedica and then there was no turning back.

Thus began the flourishing organisation Sigmund ProMedica, while the victorious journey continues.

Shri Amar Kumar completed his Masters in pharmacy from the eminent JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore in Karnataka. He is the progeny of the renowned, vibrant industrialist Shri K. Ramachandra Rao who had established Triveni Formulations, the ISO 9001:2000, WHO-GMP certified company that holds high reputation in the entire gamut of the pharmaceutical industry, since three decades.

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About Company

With this profound foundational backdrop, Shri Amar Kumar set out to gain deep practical experience. During his initial career years, he shook hands with Dorland Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, as a zealous trainee. With his immense confidence, determination and grit escalated himself to become a top company executive.

His un-wavering ambition to unveil a specialty segment for neuro-psychiatry products gave birth to the marketing unit called: Sigmund ProMedica, naming after the father of psychoanalysis Dr. Sigmund Freud (Though a doctor by profession and also professor, he is never been addressed as Dr. Sigmund Freud, reconsider). Through this eventful journey the organization evolved as synonymous for proficient medicine for neuro-psychiatry.

Albeit a humble beginning, Sigmund ProMedica, with a current turnover of 16 crores INR, is now challenging the entire regional market that was monopolized by the MNCs for long. This ever growing company now flaunts a consistent growth of 20% each year.

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Within a short span of time since its inception in the year of 2000, Sigmund ProMedica expanded beyond expectation. The eternal cliché: "Endeavouring human harmony" acts as a catalyst eliciting the dedication of both the team of 60 field executives and the personnel at the administrative arena.

Right from the start, the organization has persistently welcomed and encouraged the team to share their relevant and valuable ideas that resulted in the innovations and improvisations for the overall undaunted growth of the company. This is an equal-opportunity, open organization that thwarts any ranks or positions.

Every year the pertinent executives assemble to share their testimonials that are studded with their novel experiences with clients and colleagues. The company, at all times seek to implement policies for overall enhancements, while the team loyalty is reciprocal to abundant kind.

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About Network

Sigmund ProMedica relentlessly strives to achieve newer growth heights solely on the rostrum of high ethical values, integrity and sheer compassion. The ever expanding market is reigned by replenishing with a wide array of quality-care medicines in form of tablets, capsules, soft gels, syrups and injections.

The endeavours to maintain strict quality control and upgrade the standards of medicines has resulted in gaining amicable reputation amid the doctors all over the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Odisha.

Sigmund ProMedica deeply acknowledges the entire gamut of their adept and eminent manufacturers for their success stories, thus far. It is because of their perennial assistance that the company can meet the ever growing demands of their patrons.

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